Marketing trends that can significantly affect ACN

Marketing trends change with the changing of the season. If you are in the MLM business such as an independent business owner of ACN, you need to match your marketing efforts with the current marketing trends. How can you further improve your ACN business this year? What marketing strategy can yield to high returns? We are going to discuss that below.

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Social media marketing is still a powerful tool

If you want to connect to a huge number of people, then you should continue using the social media marketing strategy. The only difference this year is that Facebook is not as effective as last year. You can still find a lot of prospects on Facebook, but if you want to maximize your social media marketing campaign, then you should focus on Instagram. This year, Instagram is more valuable than Facebook in terms of marketing. Last year, about 800 million people used Instagram every month. Many MLM companies noticed that they were able to have better engagement on Instagram than Facebook and similar social media platforms. Should you wish to improve your brand engagement, then you should create an Instagram account and start introducing ACN to your target market.

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Live events are effective marketing tool

More than half of network marketers used live events in reaching out to their target market. They see it as an effective marketing tool, especially this year. The live events do not only bring in new clients but also bring in existing customers. Some marketers bring the press together in their event so as to create more brand awareness.

Network marketers can greatly rely on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has made a lot of powerful improvements in its platform and one significant improvement is the LinkedIn ad platform. This major change is a big help for network marketers, especially for marketers who want to create a global brand awareness.

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Influence marketing is still a valuable tool

Almost all network marketers continue to use influence marketing strategy because it has been a tested and proven effective strategy. If you want to connect to your target market via social media, you should use influence marketing. To begin with, you need to create a compelling organic content that will catch the attention of your target market. It can be quite difficult and daunting, especially if you are new to using influence marketing. With time and experience, you will be able to master this strategy. A lot of network marketers used this since 2000 and 18 years after, it remains to be one of the most effective marketing tools.

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2018 is an exciting year for network marketers, especially for ACN’s independent business owners. As we all know, products and services that have something to do with telecommunications remain to be one of the primary needs of today’s generation. Independent business owners or so-called network marketers should be more focused on the current marketing trends. Learn how to use social media to your advantage. You can always use the traditional marketing strategies, but make sure you align your strategy with the current marketing trends.

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